• February 14, 2023

Min-woo “Fleta” Son “I’m used to offline competitions… Expecting 2R succession”

DRX 2nd team’s long-distance damage dealer Min-woo “Fleta” Son said, “I got used to the offline stage,” and was confident in his excellent improvement in the second round.

The DRX 2nd team defeated the Guangdong Freecs 2nd team 2-0 in the first round of the regular league of the ‘2023 LCK Challengers League’ spring season held at WDG eSports Studio in Jung-gu, Seoul on the 14th.

DRX, who finished the first round with 5 wins and 4 losses with the victory, maintained the 6th place. “Fleta” Min-woo Son, who met with reporters after the match, said, “I think I can do better in the second round. Personally, I think our team will win the championship while winning,” he expressed his expectations.

  • How do you feel after finishing the game?
    “It feels good to win. I think I won the first set because I did everything well, but in the second set, there was only my mistake. collapsed on the line. I won, but I feel like I didn’t. I want to say thank you to my teammates.”

-It was the last match of round 1. What kind of conversation did you have strategically?
“As the patch version changed, it was a meta with a lot of long-distance supporters at the bottom. Excluding certain champions, it was internally organized that the tier went up because tank supporters ate buffs. I think I was planning a strategy around those champions.” 슬롯사이트

-Which points did you think about most while preparing for the Guangdong Tournament?
“When I saw the last tournament, I prepared while paying attention to using Draven or matching the top-mid combination using Sejuani from the upper body.”

  • How did you win the first set?
    “Sivir has a quick mid-clear. It’s good against Varus, especially Sivir is better than Varus in flat attacks. So he thought he had strengths. Sivir is weak in lane battles. Even our support picks come up with angles that we can match. I put a lot of thought into ban-picking before entering the game.”

-If you could explain the background of the 2nd set ban pick.
“Before the game, like all teams, we have a meeting and decide on picks and bans. It is divided into whether the opponent draws the upper body first or the bottom first, but in the second set, the upper body was drawn, so we focused on the bottom. As a result, a new champion emerged, but I knew that the opponent’s AD player liked Kalista, so I used Aphelios in response.”

-You struggled a lot in the 2nd set.
“Aphelios has a longer range than Kalista. Theoretically, there is a situation where I can push, but I tried it too much and failed to adjust the distance, and Leona hit the E skill and the composition collapsed. It seems wrong there. After the bottom initiative was blown away, Kalista quickly accumulated dragon buffs using her object strengths. I had a hard fight.”

-If you replay the last pentakill scene in the 2nd set.
“Only for those who play Aphelios, there are many people who use forward gusts and flame cannons. I played this game with a lot of awareness of that. I paid attention to the position, but the weapon came out well, and a composition that could be dealt from behind came out and won.”

-I did a band electrode with the last teleport.
“At the end, I thought it wouldn’t work, so I suggested breaking only the twin towers, but the other players said, ‘Let’s break it, let’s break it’. There was no sense of fear. After it was over, I remembered what I hadn’t done in the laning match. So the game got longer. I cried because I felt sorry for the teammates and the coach.”

  • Round 1 completed. If you give a general review.
    “From 2023, the league will go offline. In the 1st and 2nd weeks, I was nervous because I was not used to going offline. Compared to the scrim performance, the tournament performance did not come out. The tension gradually eased and the words became more off-line. In the first round, there were more wins anyway. I think I can do better in the second round. Personally, I think our team will win the championship while winning.”
  • If you have the last thing you want to say.
    “There were fans who supported us until late at night. I want to say thank you. In the future, I will work hard and show a good game so that I don’t waste the time I come.”

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