• February 8, 2023

No. 1 Hyundai Engineering & Construction caught up with Heungkuk Life Insurance, the biggest concern is the main libero ‘injury’

1st place Hyundai E&C suffered an injury. The momentum of Heungkuk Life Insurance in second place is not easy, so the fight for first place in the remaining season is likely to be fierce.

Hyundai E&C was defeated with a set score of 0-3 (21-25, 25-27, 15-25) in the 5th round of the 5th round of the professional volleyball Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Women’s Division with Heungkuk Life Insurance held at Suwon Indoor Gymnasium on the afternoon of the 7th.

The first set was a close match, and the second set was more fierce. Then an injury occurred. It was 25-25 at the end of the second set. A situation that leads to a deuce encounter.

Kim Yeon-kyung gave an attack and it became 25-26, and Kim Mi-yeon’s serve continued. After Jeong Ji-yoon’s receive, Hyundai Construction Libero Kim Yeon-gyeon injured his right ankle while digging. Kim Yeon-gyeon could not get up from the spot, and the game continued without interruption. In the end, Kim Yeon-kyung’s attack could not be stopped, and Hyundai E&C gave up the second set.

The third set was lost even more powerlessly. After the game, coach Kang Seong-hyung said, “We did well even in the situation of being pushed. Heungkuk Life Insurance did well in good condition. We will have a good game next time if we have a big striker.”

Hyundai E&C recruited Yvone Montaño (registered name: Montaño), who is active in the Turkish league, in place of Yasmin, who has been absent for a long time since the last 3 rounds due to a back injury.

Montaño, from the Colombian national team, was active as the top scorer for two consecutive years when he was active in the Swiss league in the past and won the MVP. After signing the contract on the 6th, Montaño will go through the international transfer agreement (ITC) issuance and player registration procedures before standing in front of domestic fans.

Among them, coach Kang is very concerned about the injury of starting libero Kim Yeon-gyeon. Director Kang said, “Kim Yeon-gyeon sprained his ankle. He was worried because it was an injured part.”

Hyundai E&C has maintained its lead, but is closely followed by Heungkuk Life Insurance. Heungkuk Life is recording 21 wins and 5 losses and 60 points, and Heungkuk Life Insurance has 20 wins and 6 losses and 60 points. Hyundai E&C is in the lead with one more win. 온라인카지노

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