• April 22, 2023

Ohtani 0.092 makes sense? 5 of his most amazing records

Is it gradually reaching the ‘realm of God’? Shohei Ohtani (28, Los Angeles Angels), the ‘all-around pitcher’, is unusual in his early run.

On the 22nd (Korean time), Ohtani pitched as a starting pitcher in the 2023 Major League Baseball home game against the Kansas City Royals held at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California, USA.

On this day, Ohtani boasted a powerful fastball with a maximum velocity of 99.8 miles (160 km). His ERA went down to 0.64, and he stood tall as the first in the ERA category throughout the major leagues. 안전놀이터

Is Ohtani really the ‘god of baseball’? The official Major League Baseball website (MLB.com) introduced five surprising records of Ohtani that day.

Hitting Rate: 0.092
Ohtani boasts an extremely strong pitching rate this season with a hitting average of .092. It was the lowest recorded in the first five games a pitcher started since the mound moved to its current location in 1893. The previous record was .102 by David Cohn of the New York Yankees in 1999.

Against 105 hitters→Only 8 hits
In order to look at the hit rate a little more deeply, looking at the statistics by count this time, Ohtani faced 105 hitters and allowed only 8 hits. It was the fewest figures a pitcher has recorded in his first five games (at least 20 innings) since 1901.

.115 slugging percentage
Of those eight hits, only two were extra-base hits, and both were doubles. It means that there is no home run. Ohtani’s slugging percentage this season is .115. This record also marks the lowest slugging percentage in a pitcher’s first five starts (at least 20 innings) since 1916.

Ohtani has allowed three hits or
less in each of his last nine starts, adding to last season’s record. This is the second longest streak behind Jacob deGrom’s 10 games in 2021.

Pitching 10K or more in 12 games from last year to this
year Ohtani recorded 10 or more strikeouts in 12 games from the start of last season to this season. He had 10 strikeouts or more in 10 games last year and 10+ games with 2 already this year. It is the most in the major leagues during this period.

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