• February 10, 2023

Pleasant challenge of LCK rookie announcers Bae Hye-ji and Ham Ye-jin “I enjoy a new challenge… I want to be with the LCK for a long time”

As the 2023 season begins and there are many changes in the LCK, new faces are joining the cast, giving fans joy. Among them, announcers Bae Hye-ji and Ham Ye-jin are meeting with fans by appearing through interviews and analysis desks.

Along with announcer Yoon Soo-bin, the LCK’s interview and analysis desk are showing another charm, and are receiving good responses from fans. We listened to announcers Bae Hye-ji and Ham Ye-jin, who newly joined the LCK cast, about their reasons for joining, new experiences, and their determination for the future. 온라인카지노

Q1. What have you been doing and how did your encounter with the LCK begin?

Announcer Ham Ye-jin: While she was working at an office job, her company’s management situation became difficult, so she thought about her future and prepared for her broadcasting job. After that, she worked as a newscaster for a news agency, and then she joined the LCK.

Announcer Hyeji Bae: She works as a KBS weathercaster, and as a freelance broadcaster, she gained experience through live commerce and hosting events, and she got an opportunity to work with the LCK.

Q2. What image of e-sports do you two think?

Announcer Bae Hye-ji: I hadn’t had any contact with e-sports for a while since I was in charge of KRKPL, an e-sports league for the mobile game ‘Honor of the Prince’. Seeing so many people enjoying games and watching matches together, I thought, “e-Sports really has become a culture!”

Announcer Ham Ye-jin: Since she was a child, she has loved games, and has been playing ‘League of Legends’ since 2016. She, of course, is not very good at games, so she felt a wall and stopped playing for one turn, but after she starts working, she catches up again and has been playing for even 6-8 hours if she sits in one place. She also visited LoL Park to watch the Summer Split last year, and was overwhelmed by the magnificence of the LCK that she saw with her own eyes, and became interested in the league.

Q3. Were there any worries when joining the LCK cast?

Announcer Bae Hye-ji: It is true that I was scared and afraid at first. Even my friends who played games with me were worried, saying, “I can’t even put a ward on a bush, so can you work as an announcer?” Even a person like me who is ‘unknown’ in the bronze game came to enjoy the league like this, and I thought it would be nice if people who watched my broadcast could enjoy it together. I also watched the video and organized the questions into a document.

Announcer Ham Ye-jin: I liked games, but broadcasting e-sports as a job is completely different, and since lck has a history of more than 10 years, it was really difficult to study in a short period of time. Still, announcers Soo-bin Yoon and announcer Hye-ji Bae really helped me a lot, so I was able to hear stories about how to study step by step.

Q4. Then, what were the difficulties in learning about the LCK and League of Legends?

Announcer Bae Hye-ji: It was difficult that there are times when things that are so obvious to people familiar with the LCK are not so obvious to me. And there were times when it was embarrassing to ask this question, but in the end, there was no other way to learn than by asking questions, so I continued to make up my mind. For example, in a recent match, there was a scene where the player used Ash ultimate to check the view of all the jungle. I also tried using Supporter Ash, but when my friends told me to, I only fired my ultimate, but it was the first time I knew that it could be used this way. It is. Also, when I was broadcasting on KBS, I tend to avoid memes and abbreviations, so there are many things that the fans don’t know about the memes they use, and I need to know the hot issues and unique expressions of each team and players, so I’m diligently searching YouTube.

Announcer Ham Ye-jin: As I mentioned earlier, the history of the LCK is really long, so there are many times when I feel that I am not enough to know everything. So, I ask people around me what I don’t know, and I’m learning about the league called the LCK little by little as I come across interesting information while looking for various information pages.

Q5. With the joining of the two, fans are also expecting a lot, and they are responding that it is unique. Have you heard any reactions to the broadcast?

Announcer Ham Ye-jin: She got a new nickname, ‘Mr. Ye Jin-ah’, while playing LCK together. She wore a hanbok during New Year’s Day and broadcast, I liked it too, and I want to push this nickname a bit. And there were a lot of bad reactions in the beginning, but I think I have a lot more to show you in the future because I lacked a lot. Please wait a little longer and support us.

Announcer Bae Hye-ji: It’s hard to see the reaction during live broadcasts, so I’m looking at the interview review through YouTube comments, and I remember the article “It’s as loud as a fish market.” I think I couldn’t control my tension because I was so excited about the fact that I was interviewing famous players that I had only seen on TV. However, watching the LCK in person feels like a festival in itself, so I wanted to show the fans’ thoughts, “Let’s cheer and have fun today,” and I also want to shine the players through interviews. Also, she gave me the nickname ‘Complete Noona’, but I’m still not sure what that means (laughs).

Q6. How much did you enjoy playing League of Legends and what is your tier or main position?

Announcer Bae Hye-ji: I’ve been playing games for about 4 years, and I’ve been playing regular games rather than ranked games, and I’ve even recorded a bronze 4. My main position is Jungle and I often play Nocturne.

Announcer Ham Ye-jin: It’s been a while since I started playing, so I’m just playing regular games with my friends. At first, I played a bot duo with my brother, but it was difficult to adjust the range, so my brother said, “You just need to get to level 6 and use Malphite ultimate well.” So I used Malphite as a supporter. It looks interesting, so I’m going that route.

Q7. What are some of the most memorable interviews you’ve had so far?

Announcer Ham Ye-jin: My first interview with Liv Sandbox’s ‘Closer’ Lee Joo-hyeon is the most memorable. Everyone thought that the opposing team would win, but they led the game and won and were selected as POG. However, I feel sorry that I didn’t show that charm well through the interview because I wasn’t used to it.

Announcer Bae Hye-ji: For me, it was memorable that T1’s ‘Keria’ Min-seok Ryu and ‘Kumayushi’ Min-hyeong performed the ‘OMG’ dance. Actually, before the interview, I asked if I could do the ‘High Mouth Boy’ dance, but he didn’t give me an exact answer. Fortunately, I knew the song ‘OMG’, but I thought, “What would it be like if I didn’t know?” Also, I was very grateful that DK’s ‘Canyon’ Gun-bu Kim and ‘Deft’ Hyuk-kyu Kim danced ‘Antifragile’ together.

Q8. You’ve been with the LCK for 3 weeks and now you’re in your 4th week. Do you feel that you’ve improved?

Announcer Ham Ye-jin: Since the way the player interviews were conducted was unique, I was nervous at first, so I think it was clumsy. Still, as I got used to it to some extent, my tension eased, and I had a desire to show more.

Announcer Bae Hye-ji: I think I’ve adapted a little by getting to know many people and having fun with the fans. I have a lot of thoughts that she wants to develop a little more so that she can comfortably watch the broadcast and fill in more of the content of the interview or analysis desk.

Q9. Is there anything you would like to appear in among the various programs of the LCK?

Announcer Bae Hye-ji: I think I want to bring out the players’ talents a little more on ‘Lol Night’. ‘Dangun’ Kim Eui-joong and ‘Huni’ Seung-hoon Heo are doing a good job, so I’m enjoying it.

Announcer Ham Ye-jin: I want to appear on ‘Tongue Tutors’. The content is really fun to watch while holding my belly button, and since I’m a ‘no jam’ character, I thought I wanted to show off my talents.

Q10. If you were going to cover an international competition, which of the players from overseas leagues would you like to interview?

Announcer Bae Hye-ji: I want to meet ‘Pyosik’ Chang-hyeon Hong more than any other player abroad. I would like to ask you things like how well you celebrate, are you adapting well to the overseas stage, do you miss the LCK, and what kind of performance do you want to show in international competitions?

Announcer Ham Ye-jin: I also want to see ‘Pyosik’ Hong Chang-hyeon’s ricin ceremony (laughs).

Q11. If you watch the video with announcer Yoon Soo-bin, there is a scene where you get various tips, but it seems that a more serious story came out in the behind-the-scenes. What guide are you getting?

Announcer Bae Hye-ji: Announcer Soo-bin Yoon gave me a lot of advice, but the most helpful thing was, “You need to know the names of the players, not just the names of the summoners.” In fact, during interviews, she said that since the players are friendly with each other, she often speaks with names other than the names of the summoners, so it was very helpful to learn the names.

Announcer Ham Ye-jin: After the opening, announcer Yoon Soo-bin tells us a lot of things as well as comments, and even on days when there are other broadcasts, he comes to our broadcast date to guide us or suggest good lines. And I am studying diligently based on the analysis desk manuscripts I have been working on and sharing them in the group chat room.

Q12. Lastly, please be prepared for the future.

Announcer Ham Ye-jin: I’m sorry for showing only a lacking image so far, and I will continue to work hard to become a reliable bridge connecting players and fans by pinpointing and asking questions of what fans are curious about. And I want to be recognized and active in the LCK for a long time.

Announcer Bae Hye-ji: We prepared hard, but there are many things we haven’t shown yet. I will become an announcer who can put affection and respect for the players and even the hearts of the fans. thank you

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