• September 20, 2023

“Relationship that can’t be fixed,” U.S. media speculate on SD general manager-director feud

When you’re underperforming, rumors are bound to start.

The Athletic, a sports publication, published a report on Monday that highlighted the problems with the San Diego Padres, who have been disappointing this season.

While there are a number of issues, one of the most prominent is the rumored feud between general manager A.J. Preller and Bob Melvin.

According to them, the feud is “baseball’s best-kept secret” and their relationship has become “beyond repair.”

One unnamed player who spoke to the outlet likened the current situation to what happens to children when a couple has a bad relationship.

“If you’re not on the same page and you’re hearing different stories from each other, there’s no one to trust,” he said. It’s like, ‘Who do I confide in,'” he said, noting that players have no one to trust.

This is Melvin’s 20th season as a major league manager. He has won three manager of the year awards and led the team to the championship series last year.

For the first time, Preller is working with a veteran manager, having previously put rookies like Andy Green and Jayson Tingler in charge. But things aren’t going the way he wants them to.

One former employee told the publication that Preller is trying to maintain a friendlier relationship with the players while leaving it up to Melvin and the coaches to deliver the tough messages.

“In Oakland, Billy Beane was 40,000 feet in the air and letting the head coach do the work, but Preller comes down to 10,000 feet and acts like he’s in charge of everything in the dugout,” he said of Preller’s problem.

While the head coach is not without blame, The Athletic seems to be holding Preller more accountable.

They argue that the question is whether Preller is creating a platform for coaches to succeed, and the evidence so far suggests that the answer is no.

As one former coach put it, “Preller is looking for a head coach to push the superstars he’s recruited. I honestly don’t know who the right guy is for that job. If it’s not Melvin, I don’t know who is.” 카지노

San Diego’s elimination from the postseason could become official as early as this week. Someone will have to be held accountable for the disappointing results after assembling a team with a $249 million payroll, the third highest in the league.

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