• April 29, 2023

‘Salary cut of 18.4 billion’ to return to Messi… Barca plans to sell 100 billion wingers + closes club TV channel

Both Lionel Messi and Barcelona are serious about reuniting with each other.

Messi’s return to Barcelona is gradually becoming a reality. Messi, who had no choice but to leave the team due to a salary cap problem in the summer of 2021, played an active part in Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) for two seasons, but news that he would not renew his contract recently surfaced, raising interest in his next destination.

He was neither American nor Saudi Arabian. Messi’s choice is leaning towards Barcelona despite the volume offensive of various clubs. According to Spain’s Lelebo, Messi will receive an annual salary of 25 million euros (approximately 36.9 billion won) if he returns to Barcelona. This is a reduction of 18.4 billion won from the 37.5 million euros (approximately 55.3 billion won) received from PSG.

In addition, journalist Hera Le Romero, who is familiar with Barcelona news, reported on the 23rd (hereinafter Korean time) that “Messi is in Barcelona with his family”, further increasing the credibility of Messi’s return to Barcelona.

Barcelona is also on the move. Despite Messi’s efforts to cut his salary, the club is still in financial trouble. Recently, La Liga President Javier Tebas reaffirmed his tough stance regarding Barcelona’s Messi recruitment, saying, “There is still time, but there must be a reduction in wages. They must reduce salaries to register players.”

As the president of La Liga said, we are planning significant reductions. There are already rumors of the release of several players, but recently there have been reports that Rafinya will be sold. The British ‘Football Insider’ said on the 28th, “Barcelona will send players to recruit Messi this summer, and Rafinha is the top priority sale target.” 스포츠토토

Newcastle are keeping an eye on him. The media said, “Newcastle is ready to sign Rafinha this summer. Barcelona wants 50 million pounds (about 83.9 billion won) to 60 million pounds (about 100.6 billion won).” forecasted

Barcelona will also close the club’s own TV channel. Barcelona said in an official statement on the 28th that it would close its TV channel ‘Barsa TV’. Global media ‘ESPN’ explained in this regard, “This cost saving is related to overall savings to secure investment in the players.”

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