• February 21, 2023

Supercomputer, unexpected prediction… “Man City 1st – Liverpool 4th”

In no time, the English Premier League (EPL) has turned its halfway point. There are teams that record more than expected, and there are teams that are in an unexpected slump. The former is Arsenal. Arsenal, which has entered its fourth year under coach Mikel Arteta, is at the top of the league by accumulating 54 points in 23 league games. Even before the opening, 4th place was a realistic goal, but they are now aiming for the championship. 카지노

The latter are Chelsea and Liverpool. Chelsea, which had been gradually establishing itself under Thomas Tuchel’s managerial system, fell into the worst slump after the opening. In the end, the decision was made to sack Tuchel and appoint manager Graham Porter, but the situation did not improve. Chelsea are still struggling in 10th place in the league and there is no sign of a rebound. Liverpool, which was evaluated as a ‘champion candidate’ before the opening, has moved away from the championship competition, unlike ‘rival’ Manchester City. The gap with Arsenal in 8th place is 19 points, and the gap with Tottenham Hotspur in 4th place is also widened to 7 points.

There are now 14-16 games left for each team. Under these circumstances, a supercomputer predicted the final ranking. British betting company ‘Bonus Code Bats’ used a super computer to predict the final ranking of the EPL. An unexpected result came out. First of all, the relegated teams were Reed United, Bournemouth and Southampton. Excluding Bournemouth, it was the same result as where we are now.

The winning team was Manchester City. Currently, Arsenal have an advantage, but considering the team’s overall strength, the picture was drawn that Manchester City would come from behind to win. Man City was followed by Arsenal and Manchester United.

4th, the last place to qualify for the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL). Tottenham currently occupy that position, but the supercomputer’s expectations were different. The main character was Liverpool, not Tottenham or Newcastle. It was expected that Liverpool, which had risen after winning against Newcastle last time, would succeed in rebounding.

A spokesperson for ‘Bonus Code Bats’ said, “The loss against Manchester City and the poor performance against Aston Villa further reduced Arsenal’s chances of winning the title. Meanwhile, Liverpool fans will be happy with this result. The win against Newcastle boosted their chances of fourth place. “he said.

Following last season, it was said that Everton would narrowly avoid relegation for the second year in a row. A spokesperson said: “Coach Sean Dyche will keep Everton out of the relegation zone. The 1-0 win over Arsenal made that even more likely.”

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