• January 30, 2023

‘Tennis GOAT?’ Djokovic crosses the eighth ridge by winning the Australian Open

Novak Djokovic (36, Serbia), the “flawless man,” tied for the most major championships in men’s tennis history. He stood shoulder to shoulder with’soil god’ Rafael Nadal (37, Spain), but took the lead in the best player debate of all time, considering the cancellation of the competition due to Corona 19.

Djokovic, ranked third in the men’s singles world ranking, beat Stefanos Tsitsipas (fourth, Greece) in the men’s singles final at the Australian Open tennis tournament (total prize money: 76.5 million Australian dollars, about 67.2 billion won) held in Melbourne, Australia on the 29th. In 2 hours and 56 minutes, the set score was 3-0 (6-3 7-6 <7-4> 7-6 <7-5>) and won 2.975 million Australian dollars (approximately 2.61 billion won). I grabbed it.

It is his 22nd major championship win. He tied for first place in the Grand Slam men’s singles championship with Nadal, who was eliminated early in this tournament. Third place is ‘Emperor’ Roger Federer (retired) with 20 episodes.

However, Djokovic was unable to participate in two major tournaments last year due to the Corona 19 variable. Due to non-vaccination based on personal beliefs, the Australian Open and US Open were disallowed.

Djokovic has won all nine finals at the Australian Open alone. In the absence of Djokovic, the favorite to win the championship, Nadal won the Australian Open last year and became the single player with the most wins in major tournaments. Djokovic was unable to participate until last year’s US Open. Losing the opportunity to challenge twice for reasons other than injury. 메이저놀이터

However, at the Australian Open, which returned after two years, Djokovic announced a splendid revival. In particular, he showed off his health with his overwhelming performance, conceding only one set to the final. Nadal was eliminated in the second round due to injury concerns. Nadal complained of injuries, including being knocked out in the round of 16 at the US Open last year, and was sluggish with 1 win and 6 losses in official competitions before the Australian Open.

Under these circumstances, it is only a matter of time before Djokovic rises to the top spot in all-time major championships. This is also acknowledged by Nadal himself, and it is because Djokovic is showing off his skills at the age of 36 as well as in his prime. However, the French Open in May is expected to be a difficult challenge for Djokovic as Nadal has won it 14 times.

Djokovic, who has won four consecutive championships based on his participation, has proven himself to be the man of the Australian Open. For the first time in history, he set the feat of winning 10 singles titles in this event. In terms of other major competitions, Djokovic is third to win more than 10 single major tournaments, including 11th Australian Open women’s singles Margaret Court (retired, Australia) and 14th French Open men’s singles Rafael Nadal (2nd, Spain). 메이저놀이터

Djokovic also won 28 consecutive Australian Open victories. She is undefeated at the Australian Open since losing 0-3 (6-7 <4-7> 5-7 6-7 <3-7>) to Hyeon Chung in the round of 16 in 2018. At that time, Jeong Hyeon drove the momentum over Djokovic and achieved the myth of becoming the first Korean to reach the semifinals in a major tournament. However, at the time, Djokovic was not in 100% condition due to the aftereffects of the injury.

Djokovic also regained the No. 1 spot in the world rankings announced on the 30th. Djokovic, who put down the throne due to her inability to participate in major tournaments, regained the first place in 7 months since June of last year.

On the other hand, Tsitsipas failed to surpass Djokovic in all of his first major championship victories. At the 2021 French Open, Chichipas, who won the second set first and gave up three sets, suffered a 0-3 defeat this time. In terms of opponents, Djokovic has an advantage of 11 wins and 2 losses, including the last 10 consecutive wins. Tsitsipas rose to third place in the world rankings alone.

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