• May 27, 2023

“Thankfully, a lot of people have recognized me,” says Choi after the championship match

Choi Sung-won is realizing his popularity.

Choi Sung-won (184 cm, G) made his debut in the 2017-2018 season. He didn’t get many opportunities in his first season. He got his chance in the 2019-2020 season and increased his value in the 2020-2021 season. However, after that season, Choi joined the commercial team.

Two seasons later, he returned to Seoul SK for the 2022-2023 season. Since joining the team, Choi has proven his value in the offense.

Along with Kim Sun-hyung (187 cm, G) and Jamil Warney (200 cm, C), he was one of the team’s mainstays and was on the court whenever it mattered. He did his part on defense, which is his strength. He harassed the opponent’s ace guard until the end, reducing the defensive burden on Kim Sun-hyung. On offense, he also played an important role, not only shooting from outside but also being involved in the offensive assembly. This provided an environment for Kim and Warney to flourish.

With the help of these three players, SK made it to the championship game in dramatic fashion, even under difficult circumstances. Even though they lost in the best-of-seven series, the epic battle between SK and KGC remained in the hearts of many fans.

Game 7 of the championship was the most important game of the championship, and while many players made their mark, Choi Sung-won, who scored a career-high 25 points, had the game of his life. Looking back on the game, Choi said, “I wanted to win more than I wanted to play well. I was happy to play a good game, but I was very disappointed to lose, but it was meaningful to make my name known again,” he said.

Through his performance, Choi proved that he is strong in big matches. “I’ve always played a lot of big games since I was in college. (Laughs) So I was confident and I will be the same in the future 먹튀검증.”

After the seventh game of the championship match, many fans recognized Choi Sung-won and asked for his autograph. When he mentioned this, he said, “Thankfully, many people recognized me. (Laughs) It’s really strange. I want to repay them with my skills as much as they have given me such attention.”

After qualifying for free agency this offseason, Choi Sung-won left SK and moved to Anyang KGC. KGC was the defending champion last season. However, the team suffered from a loss of talent when Oh Se-geun (200 cm, C) and Moon Sung-gon (196 cm, F) left the team and Byun Jun-hyung (184 cm, G) headed to Sangmu. Choi Sung-won had to fill the void.

“Anyang is my hometown,” Choi said. I wanted to make my name known there, and above all, I thought it was an environment where I could improve. Coach Kim Sang-sik also told me, ‘I will help you develop. Those words moved me,” he said.

He added, “Honestly, in SK, I scored a lot of goals on receptions and corners. But at KGC, I want to hold the ball longer and take the roll,” he said.

Finally, when asked about his resolve, Choi Sung-won said, “I want to make another appearance at KGC, and I want to make another improvement.”

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