• March 29, 2023

“The most prominent pitcher” Released, the 2R nominee who played in the baseball team of the society, signs of a revival

Will pitcher Byun Si-won (30), who was picked up by the command tower, revive?

The rise of Kiwoom Heroes sidearm pitcher Byun Si-won is unusual. Byun Si-won played 4 games in the 2023 KBO League demonstration game and pitched 5 scoreless innings. He is the most outstanding performance among the Kiwoom pitching staff, who showed an uneasy bullpen.

Director Hong Won-ki of Kiwoom also praised Byun Si-won highly. On the 28th, the last day of the demonstration game, coach Hong met with reporters at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul and mentioned Siwon Byun’s name. Director Hong said, “It is so good that the hiatus of one year is colorless. He stands out the most among pitchers,” he said. “He threw the ball well against left-handed batters. It will be of great help to our team’s pitching staff.”

Byeon Si-won, under the former name Byeon Jin-soo, was named by the Doosan Bears in the second round in 2012 and began his professional career. In his debut year, he participated in 31 games and recorded 4 wins, 1 year, 2 holds, and an average ERA of 1.71 without loss, raising expectations.

After serving in the military at the National Police Agency, he pitched in 10 games at Doosan in 2018, but that was the end. Byun Si-won was nominated by the KIA in the second draft in November 2019 and later changed his name. However, he was released after the 2021 season without showing any particular performance. He had started only 5 games in 2 years at KIA. 먹튀검증

Byun Si-won was released after the 2021 season and tried to make a comeback through personal training for a year. He entered the baseball team, which is not a professional team, and trained silently, which was successful. After the 2022 season, Siwon Byun passed Kiwoom’s entrance test, joined the finishing camp, and started his professional life again.

Byun Si-won received a passing grade for his crisis management skills, such as catching 2 strikeouts in a demonstration game this season and 2 outs. In this way, Kiwoom’s player base is getting deeper.

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