• May 4, 2023

‘The will is OK, the method is good’… Jeong Mong-gyu and KFA last chance who took out a renewal card, sincerity is the key

“We will become an association that transforms itself in line with the public’s eye level.”

Korea Football Association (KFA) president Chung Mong-kyu, who suffered measles due to the controversy over the amnesty and withdrawal of the match-manipulator’surprise’, thought about resigning early last month as all the board members voluntarily resigned and even talked about a government investigation. However, there was an opinion that Korean soccer would fall into great chaos if the various projects he had been promoting for a long time through his third term were stopped. Finding the right firefighter right now is not easy. In the end, he decided to form a new board of directors with a reform plan and fill the remaining term of one year and eight months.

On the 3rd, Chairman Chung held a press conference announcing 25 new directors at the Soccer Hall in Shinmun-ro, Seoul. What drew the most attention was the abolition of the position of executive director, who was responsible for the affairs of the association and the secretary general, including communication with Gyeonggi people, and the establishment of a full-time vice chairman position. Kim Jung-bae, former second vice minister of culture, sports and tourism, who was born in a non-regular country, was appointed as the new full-time vice chairman.

Chairman Chung said, “In the current situation, I thought it was important for administrative experts to take control of the organization and raise the association’s administrative power, such as decision-making and publicity, to the next level.” It will work,” he said.

Among the vice-presidents, Choi Young-il (tournament management), former national representative, Lee Seok-jae (provincial association representative), and Gyeonggi Football Association president, Han Jun-hee (public relations) commentator, Jang O-ryong (technical) former coach, Won Young-shin (female), Yonsei University emeritus professor, Ha Seok-joo (school) Soccer) Ajou University coach added. As subcommittee chairpersons, Haeseong Jeong, chairman of the National Team Strengthening Committee, Michael Müller, chairman of the National Power Enhancement Committee, Limsaeng Lee, technical development chairman, and Dongwon Seo, chairman of the medical committee, were retained. Former national team coach Kim Tae-young was newly appointed.

On the board of directors, Assistant Secretary General of the Korea Professional Football Federation Yeon-sang Kang remained, Myeong-won Kang, former head of FC Seoul, Jae-soon Park, former head of Suwon Samsung, Deok-jae Jo, head coach of FC Mokpo, Yeon-ho Shin, head coach of Korea University, Geun-ho Lee and So-yeon Ji, heads of the Association of Male and Female Professional Players, and Won-seok Won, former editor-in-chief of Sports Seoul. , Noh Su-jin, a former national team teacher at Yeongdeungpo Technical High School, Jeon Jeon-rim, a teacher at Deokseong Girls’ High School, and Park In-soo, former general affairs director of the National Football Association, were appointed.

7 out of 25 are retained. When asked why a large number of those who took responsibility for the surprise pardon and resigned remained in office, Chairman Chung said, “Some degree of continuity was needed. They did not participate in or recommend the amnesty,” he said.

Chairman Chung said that ‘communication’ was the main topic in the composition of the new board of directors. KFA has been called a ‘deafening organization’ since the 3rd term of Chung Mong-kyu’s system. He adhered to the ‘principle of not responding’ to criticism from the media and fans on major issues. The surprise amnesty and the aftermath that followed were also the devastating results of sticking to this stance. Chairman Chung showed his will to reform by including commentator Han Jun-hee, who is supported by soccer fans, and former editor-in-chief Won-seok Won-seok, who has been involved in soccer media for a long time, to the board of directors.

However, the methodology was still questioned. It is not a matter of simply appointing a person who is familiar with fans and the media. In an era where the world changes rapidly and various communities and reporting platforms exist, a strategic and sincere communication method is needed.

Recently, a KFA official said, “In this day and age, we need to take care of media like XX more,” and was criticized by colleagues. There are still people who try to listen only to the voices that are beneficial to the organization, and advocate the communication method of dividing sides.

In the soccer world, KFA voices that the priority is to create a relationship of respect and trust with fans, media, and players of various identities. Otherwise, it will not be able to escape from the criticism of public administration. Chairman Chung said, “We will further strengthen the PR function in consultation with the full-time vice chairman.”

What should take precedence over communication with the outside world is solidifying internal solidarity. After succeeding in the third term, Chairman Chung put forward an “agile organization” that breaks down departmental boundaries, but it ended in failure. The key to the agile organizational system he introduced to Hyundai Industrial Development, which he operated, was to promote work horizontally and quickly, which did not fit KFA with a small number of manpower.

메이저사이트 Since one or two people have handled certain tasks professionally, there was no choice but to carry the risk, but it caused several administrative accidents. In the process, criticism was also poured out that there was no senior executive who would say ‘No’ to Chairman Chung. The surprise amnesty was also the end of an organization crowded with ‘yes men’ who turned their ears off. Conflicts among members of the organization naturally grew.

The weight on the shoulders of the newly appointed vice chairman Kim Jeong-bae, who has been entrusted with the overall management, is so heavy. He said, “Organizations are compared to living things. “There will be a desirable organizational form depending on the situation and various variables,” he said.

Chairman Chung initially contacted people from Gyeonggi Province as well as Mr. A, who has a lot of bones in soccer administration, over key positions. However, the majority of those who received a love call did not readily accept the ‘one year and eight month position’ until January 2025, when the KFA was in a bad situation, as well as Chairman Chung’s term of office.

This board of directors is a reform plan that was brought out as a desperate measure. However, in order to achieve meaningful results, formalities must be avoided, a ‘real one team’ must be formed from within the organization, and ‘sincere communication’ must be made with the outside.

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