• January 12, 2023

‘Tottenham’s real problem is not Son Heung-min’… 1st Levy, 2nd Pochettino

Tottenham has not been able to use great power this season.

Tottenham has not been particularly strong this season. There were a lot of injuries, and there were a lot of twisted matches. The defense has holes, and the offense seems to have lost its explosive power. They are currently 5th in the Premier League.

A lot of problems are being raised towards the shaking Tottenham. Some criticize the tactics of manager Antonio Conte, who uses frustrating tactics, and the sluggish performance of Son Heung-min, the top scorer last season, is also being discussed as one of the reasons.

But Tottenham’s real problems are not these. If you look at it small, you can point out this problem, but if you look at it big, there is a real problem for Tottenham.

The British ‘BBC’ pointed out this problem. The number one biggest problem Tottenham has is Tottenham Chairman Daniel Levy. And next is former manager Mauricio Pochettino. Why did you come to this conclusion?

As a representative example, you can see the FA Cup round of 64 held on the 7th. Tottenham faced Portsmouth in the third division and won 1-0. In this match, Tottenham’s key attacking duo Harry Kane and Son Heung-min started. against the third division. 2 team aces at the same time. It is different from other top-tier teams in the Premier League who freely rotate the rotation.

‘BBC’ pointed out this as Tottenham’s biggest problem. The media emphasized that “Tottenham’s biggest problem is Chairman Levy’s passive investment.”

“In the FA Cup match against Portsmouth, Tottenham started both Kane and Son Heung-min. This is a decisive scene that shows how thin the depth of Tottenham’s squad is. It is a different move from other top clubs in the Premier League,” he explained.

This is a phenomenon created by Chairman Levy’s investment drought. And it was former coach Pochettino who gave the strength to continue this phenomenon.

Steve Brown, a defender-turned-expert, pointed out through the ‘BBC’, “Even in the situation where Levy did not invest, manager Pochettino made a successful outcome. Therefore, there was a formula that Tottenham can do well even without investment.” 카지노

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