• February 5, 2023

TT, who played ‘LPL’s best match’, suffered their first loss to iG

It was a ‘tactical victory’ itself that saved the taste of the combination by 120%.

In the 2023 LPL Week 3 Day 6 match held in two regions of China at 4:00 pm on the 4th, OMG defeated WE 2-0, TT defeated iG 2-1, and BLG defeated WBG 2-1, respectively.

In particular, in the second game, YSKM’s Invictus Gaming (iG), which was challenging for the presidency of the ‘Top President’, stopped its three-game winning streak with a defeat that day. The opponent was the ‘complete’ Thundertalk Gaming (TT).

TT, which had a full 5-man roster with Yao Yao’s participation, played a ‘delicious match’ by showing 3 one-way deals such as ‘Mid Tristana’ and ‘Support Jin’ in one game.

In the first set, TT’s mid laner Yukal, who took out Tristana against iG Dove’s Ryze, narrowed Ryze’s range by demolishing the mid tower in 14 minutes. Eucal, who easily got ahead, frustrated Dove by creating solo kills in the 18th and 20th minutes.

On the other hand, the combination concept was one point company. Huanfeng-Yaoyao (Barusu-Jin)’s long-range CC set the target, and Beichuan-Ucal (Alice-Tristana) finished it off. Hoya held on to the front line with Sion.

TT, who made his imagination a reality, continued to dominate the line and local battles, tilting the pendulum of the game, and in the 27th minute in a team fight in front of Baron, Ucal jumped into the middle of the enemy line alone and defeated Baron with a super play to win the game.

Against enemies shooting from a distance, Ryze-Sivir had nothing to do, and TT easily won the first set around the 32nd minute.

In the second set, YSKM (Irelia) did ‘YSKM’. YSKM, who posted 1 kill and 1 assist in a 3-minute rock fight, naturally took the lead on the top line, and iG played the game around the top-jungle, which is directly connected to the messenger.

Ucal (Jace) made a super play with his whole body, such as taking one player in the bot 1-4 dive situation, but he could not prevent TT from losing due to the addition of jungler champion Chai (Alice-Maokai) in the wide gap. .

The third set was decided after a very long 50-minute match. In the match, the performance of the bot duo was decisive.

TT, who sniped opponents from a distance with Huanfeng’s Ziggs and Yaoyao’s Jin, helped TT to keep the TT from collapsing by defeating the enemies in the end even when the front line was collapsing.

Eventually, TT, which used range to put pressure on the opponent little by little, broke the balance by defeating the opponent’s ranged dealer Ahn (Barus), who was far from the front line, at 49 minutes of game time, and even knocked down the opponent YSKM-Dove (Jace-Sylers) to close the game. finished

Meanwhile, in the third match, TheShy’s Weibo Gaming (WBG) suffered a reverse defeat to Bilibili Gaming (BLG), which they defeated in the Weibo Cup final, and suffered their first loss of the season.

In the first set, BLG mid laner Yagao (Galio)’s backup was decisive in the top dive that decided the game. WBG, which suffered a one-sided 0-3 exchange in the battle, failed to close the early gap and was completely defeated.

In the second set, Ohgong’s typical weakness was that it was difficult to match the tempo with his teammates.

BLG, which had a kill score of 6-3 and a global gold difference of 2,000, lost everything they had earned as Shun (Wukong) collapsed alone in the midline battle in the 18th minute.

Shun’s Goku was killed in action again at 35 minutes into the match, and the match ended with WBG’s victory.

In the 3rd set, both teams maintained a ‘half-and-half’ even after 30 minutes of game time, and BLG, which obtained the soul of flame, was defeated in a team fight, and it was not an easy match. 온라인카지노

The fierce match ended in the hands of BLG’s top laner, Bin (Jacks), in the 36th minute of the battle against the Elder Dragon.

Returning around the opponent’s backside, Bean attacked the opponent’s mid laner-supporter Xiaohu-Crisp (Rise-Leona) who was trying to carry out a ‘delivery operation’.

BLG, who started with Xiaohu and even defeated Casa-Crisp (Maokai-Leona), obtained the elder buff after a one-sided 3-0 victory. After that, BLG, which had even acquired the baron, drove right through and ended the game with a narrow car in the 42nd minute.

OMG, who won the day, ranked 5th (2 wins, 1 loss, set +2), TT ranked 16th (1 win, 2 losses, set -3), and BLG ranked 6th (2 wins, 1 loss, set +1). each rose.

On the other hand, the defeated WE ranked 8th (2 wins, 2 losses, set -1), iG ranked 1st (3 wins, 1 loss, set +5), and WBG tied for 9th place with EDG (1 win, 1 loss, set 0). got down

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