• September 5, 2023

Twists and turns in 1-2 battle—LG-KT resumes after 104 minutes, 6th longest stoppage in history

The LG-KT game in Suwon, which has been billed as a true battle for first place, has resumed after the longest suspension of the season.

The LG-KT game at KT Wiz Park in Suwon was suspended after the third inning with LG leading 4-2. Suddenly, it started raining hard, followed by thunder and wind. The game was suspended at 7:44 p.m. and rained hard for 30 minutes.

A large tarp was quickly put up, but puddles of water appeared all over the field. After about 50 minutes, the rain subsided and the umpires went out to inspect the field. They went out twice and finally decided to resume play 소닉카지노.

It took about an hour more to remove the tarp, drain the water from the field, and reorganize. The game was finally resumed at 9:28 p.m., bringing the total suspension to 104 minutes.

The 104 minutes was the longest suspension this season, surpassing the 88 minutes of the KIA-Samsung game on August 29. It is the sixth longest all-time. The previous longest suspensions were on August 15, 1987, between Samsung and Vingrae, and July 23, 2022, between KT and Hanwha, which resumed after a 116-minute suspension.

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