• January 10, 2023

Unexploded Daejeon Station Shipboard Baseball Stadium, Resurrected as Youth Dome Stadium?

While the city of Daejeon is reviewing the construction of a youth baseball dome stadium, Daejeon Station’s onboard baseball field is on the rise as a candidate.

However, Daejeon Station’s shipboard baseball field has high accessibility but low economic feasibility and has previously failed to be selected as a candidate for a new baseball field in Daejeon, raising questions about its feasibility.

This is reporter Seong Yong-hee.


Daejeon Mayor Lee Jang-woo mentioned the construction of the world’s first youth baseball dome stadium last year while explaining the plan to build Daejeon’s new baseball stadium, Baseball Dream Park.

[Lee Jang-woo/Daejeon Mayor/Last year September : “There is no little baseball dome in the world. We haven’t confirmed that we will do it yet, but we are reviewing it.”]

A complex that is 70% of the size of a professional stadium and can hold various cultural performances. It is said that it will be created as a space, but Dong-gu, Daejeon, took out the card for a baseball field built on top of the railroad in Daejeon Station.

Park Hee-jo, head of Dong-gu District Office in Daejeon, said that at the time of the baseball dream park competition, the shipboard baseball field received a high score, and he would suggest it again to Mayor Lee Jang-woo.

In fact, in the 2019 candidate site evaluation, the Daejeon Station Shipboard Baseball Stadium ranked first in accessibility and urban revitalization and second in business feasibility, but received low scores in location environment and economic feasibility, finishing second overall. 토토

Accessibility and urban revitalization are highlighted as strengths in that a cultural performance function is planned to be added to the youth dome stadium.

[ Soundbite ] Jeong Mun-hyeon(Professor, Department of Sports Science, Chungnam National University) : “Since the baseball field is built on railroad tracks, it seems unrealistic due to the huge construction cost, and it is not easy to secure a parking lot, so it may be less accessible.” Attention is focusing on whether the Daejeon Station Shipboard Baseball Field, which received attention for its concept itself, can be revived.

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