• May 20, 2023

‘Unknown Rebellion’ Baek Seok-hyeon “Honey, I’m this kind of person”… On the 21st, Jung Aim Joon won the SKT Open for the first time in his life.

Baek Seok-hyun is unknown on the Korean stage.

He moved to Thailand when he was in middle school, and he made his professional debut in Thailand, so it is very unfamiliar to domestic fans. As the Asian Professional Golf Tour shrank due to the global spread of the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19), it moved to the KPGA Korean Tour from 2021, but there is no clear performance in Korea. Last year’s prize money ranking was 60th, the best. Fans didn’t even have a chance to remember the name Baek Seok-hyun.

Many players have a weakness in putting, so there are many cases where they do not stand out.

Baek Seok-hyun is such a case. He is confident in his shot, but struggled because his putt didn’t listen. However, Baek Seok-hyun said in an interview that he changed his fate with a new strategy to putt after looking at the cup instead of looking at the ball.

Baek Seok-hyun, who said that the reason why he missed the cut in all the last two competitions was because of the putt hunting, said, “I asked to do it without thinking, but it went well.” He explained that the secret to writing a good score was that the shot he was confident in was better because it was his favorite bent grass course.

Baek Seok-hyun finished the first and second rounds as the sole leader, but allowed Choi Ho-seong to lead in the third round. Regarding this, he said, “I think it was a long day because the game didn’t go well. He promised not to be nervous, but being a human being, he couldn’t help but be nervous. However, in the 17th and 18th holes, he made a par save and a birdie, respectively, and finished the game in a good mood. I want to continue that trend into the final round.”

It’s his first chance to win. It would be a lie if he said he wasn’t nervous.

However, he said, “I will move according to my own ‘game plan’. I will solve the game according to the calculated hole strategy. When the chance comes, I will never miss it.”

Lastly, he said a word to his family, who had been waiting for him to live in complete obscurity.

토스카지노 “This tournament is not my last, so I want to play while having fun and being happy. We got married in December 2022. This was the first time I’ve been caught on the air since I got married. (Laughter) Her wife is watching the game with her mother-in-law at her house, and I’m glad I’m showing ‘I’m this kind of person’.”

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