• March 18, 2023

US ESPN’s firm prediction! “Napoli Champions League final. KIM’s defensive power is a constant, not a variable in Napoli”

On the 18th (Korean time), ESPN of the United States conducted a special feature analysis of the Champions League quarterfinals. Based on the odds of Caesars Sportsbook, a world-class betting company, the team that will survive in the quarterfinals and the players who are variables are mentioned.

The team that received the most attention was, of course, Napoli, the strongest in Serie A. Napoli defeated Frankfurt 5-0 on aggregate in the Champions League round of 16.

It left a strong impression that it is a team that can work well enough at the highest level in Europe.

Viktor Osimen and Hvica Kvarashelia are in the attacking line, and Zielinski and Robotka are in the midfield. Also, in defense, there are Kim Min-jae and Rahmani. It has the world’s best spine line. ESPN also paid attention to this part.

Napoli meet AC Milan in the quarterfinals. Serie A powerhouse AC Milan is in a situation where their power has fallen somewhat this season.

Caesars Sportsbook gave odds of +140 to Napoli and +210 to AC Milan. The lower the number, the more likely you are to win.

ESPN said, ‘AC Milan are the current Italian champions. He has a lot of Champions League experience. However, Napoli are the top scorer in this Champions League with a total of 14 goals. They were arguably the most impressive team of the tournament with the likes of Ohsimen, Kim Min-jae and Kvarachhelia. He has the best defense in Serie A and has conceded only six goals in his eight Champions League matches.’

Napoli’s attack is also impressive, but it emphasizes the strong defense shown in the league and Champions League. At the center is Kim Min-jae.

ESPN said, ‘Eventually, Napoli will advance to the semifinals’.

Another impressive thing is that Napoli Kvarazhelia was cited as a variable for the quarterfinals. There are voices devaluing Kim Min-jae. The basis was that it was not proven in the Champions League. Because of this, he criticized the evaluation of being the world’s best defender. However, ESPN picked Kvarazhelia, not Kim Min-jae, as the player with the biggest variable. In other words, the variable for advancing to the quarterfinals of Naples is attack, not defense. In other words, Kim Min-jae means ‘a firm one’ in a word. He is so highly regarded.

He has strong finishing mentions too. He picked Real Madrid versus Napoli or Manchester City versus Napoli in the Champions League final. 안전놀이터

Real Madrid are the defending champions. Manchester City is one of the best teams in Europe. Of course, both teams are on the verge of winning. However, on the opposite side of the bracket, Napoli, AC Milan, Inter Milan and Benfica are concentrated. Among them, Naples was chosen as the strongest without disagreement.

ESPN said, ‘Napoli is the best team in the half of the bracket. If Inter Milan or Benfica make it to the semi-finals, there will be no finals. Napoli are excellent candidates for the championship, and as long as there is no change, they will advance to the final,’ he said firmly.

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