• February 4, 2023

WeMade Play, ‘Anipang Series’ Update Notice… Lim Young-woong’s effect

On the 3rd, WeMade Play Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Ho-dae) introduced major updates to be introduced by each series during the first half of the year in the ‘Anipang Series’.

This update notice, which is optimized for expanded awareness and game users through the integrated campaign of the ‘Anipang Series’ conducted with PR model Lim Young-woong, attracts attention with large-scale contents that will provide new pleasure.

‘Anipang 2’, which has completed a three-year remaster project, will introduce a change that enlarges the size of the puzzle board at the end of February. With this update, the puzzle board, where puzzle blocks appear and user manipulation takes place, will expand from 64 (8×8) blocks to 81 ((9X9) blocks), adding to the fun of strategic play such as creating and using special blocks. In particular, this update The company explained that WeMade Play’s technical know-how, such as the development of a dedicated puzzle engine and graphic environment for block breaking and serial block arrangement according to movement, etc. In addition, ‘multi-mission’ that solves multiple missions in one stage ‘ and ‘Annie in Wonderland’ events will also be updated simultaneously.

‘Anipang 3’, which is well-received for its diversified mini-games and events, is preparing a new concept competitive mini-game ‘Ceramic Festival’. The ‘Ceramic Festival’, which competes by making pottery while playing a game, is a game in which points are obtained by manipulating moving arrows and ranking is scheduled to debut in late March. In addition, ‘Anipang 3’, which introduced 500 types of ‘Anipang’ characters with the concept of moving characters on a puzzle board, prepared a plan for 100 types of new characters to enjoy the game this year, announced the release of the largest number of characters ever, there is.

‘Anipang 4’, equipped with light puzzle play and various social functions, will continuously introduce new content from April with the motto of a puzzle game that users can enjoy together. ‘Blast the gourd’, which is in full development, is a collaborative mini-game for users, and is a content in which users explode pockets in the sky over ‘Social Square’ by firing firecrackers obtained through puzzle play during a certain period. ‘Blowing the Gourd’, which will be introduced along with the expansion of the function of ‘Social Square’, is expected to be a content that will convey the fun of competition and cooperation at the same time. In addition, the ‘Sand Castle Building’ (tentative title) event, where you can make your own sand castle while enjoying the puzzle stage and compete with other users, is also considered as content that will expand the social stage of ‘Anipang 4’.

Jo Jeong-il, marketing director of WeMade Play, said, “The ‘Anipang’ series, which continues to expand users with Lim Young-woong, will continue to update high-quality national games that run in any environment, including low-end mobile devices, with technology suitable for national games.”

The ‘Anipang’ series, together with PR model Lim Young-woong, ‘Anipang 2’ and ‘Anipang 3’ combined 430,000 returning users, and ‘Anipang 4’ welcomed 300,000 new users. It is a representative mobile puzzle game. 안전놀이터

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