• July 11, 2023

“Will it be an emotional sono?” Director Kim Seung-ki “Even if my body becomes powder—“

Coach Kim Seung-ki goes with Sono.

Sono International, the holding company of Daemyung Sono Group, announced on July 7 that it will appoint former Day One head coach Kim Seung-ki as its first head coach following the KBL’s announcement of a 10-team acquisition candidate. It also announced the coaching staff.

Kim Seung-ki, who led Anyang KGC to two championships, was the first and last head coach of the Goyang Carot (formerly Day One) last season. The team had aces Jeon Sung-hyun, Lee Jung-hyun and Dedrick Lawson, but was not considered a powerhouse due to weaknesses in other positions. Nevertheless, coach Kim Seung-ki managed to create a mythical run to the quarterfinals.

Last month, Day One was eventually expelled from the KBL for mismanagement. Everyone was left with nowhere to go. Fortunately, Sono International announced its intention to buy the team, keeping the roster intact and putting Kim back in a position where he can showcase his talents.

“When I heard the news, I thought, ‘Good, the kids are alive,’ and I’m so grateful. The KBL governor and managing director really worked hard for the acquisition. Thanks to your efforts to protect the 10-team system, we were able to do this, and I’m just grateful that you connected us to a very good company. The word “bullpen” is being thrown around a lot these days. It fits. I really appreciate what you’ve done for basketball in Sono. It is my job to do my best to revive the popularity of basketball so that I can repay them,” he said.

Now, Kim has his hands full preparing for the new season, including organizing the roster and signing foreign players. However, he says he will take his time and move carefully. 가입머니

“I can go see the players now. We have to work hard to coach the players until we get the approval from the board of directors and general assembly on the 21st. The busier we are, the calmer we have to be so we don’t overwhelm them. We will also take time to watch foreign players.”

Last season, Kim chose David Simon and Lawson as his foreign players. While Simon was sidelined by injury, Lawson stuck with the team to the quarterfinals, even enduring wage arrears from other countries. He signed with the Wonju DB, continuing his Korean connection, even though the KBL might be feeling bad for him.

When asked about Lawson, coach Kim Seung-ki said, “I organized the team so that Lawson could do well last season, and he followed me so well. Thanks to him, we were able to be the best team even in a bad situation. I’m really grateful. Honestly, I think it would be great if we could play together, but regardless of everything, Lawson is the foreign player I loved.”

Kim also thanked his fans for their support. From last season to now, the fans have been supporting him with snacks such as eel rice bowls. In the final game of the season, they chanted his name, giving him a boost behind the scenes.

“I received so much support and love from Goyang. I can’t forget the screams of the fans as I walked to the bench to play. I’ve never experienced such love before. Now I have to make a sono that moves them. I don’t know how to repay the fans, but I want to show them basketball that they can love even if my body is really powdered.”

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