• February 7, 2023

Women’s volleyball, will the first Libero Rookie of the Year come out?

As professional volleyball has already entered its 5th round, interest in the rookie of the year is growing. In particular, attention is focused on who will win the once-in-a-lifetime honor as the first-ranked player in the first round of the rookie draft in both the men’s and women’s divisions suffers ups and downs.

In the men’s division, the competition between setter Lee Hyeon-seung (22, Hyundai Capital) and middle blocker Kim Jun-woo (23, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance) stands out. All of them come from traditional families, but they also have the same position as the commanding tower of each team. They received the 2nd (Lee Hyeon-seung) and 3rd (Kim Jun-woo) nominations in the first round, respectively.

Lee Hyun-seung is a little ahead. As of the 6th (the same below), Lee Hyun-seung has played in 16 games this season and has a set success rate of 52.5%. There are times when breathing with his teammates is still unstable, but Hyundai Capital coach Choi Tae-woong is giving Lee Hyun-seung many opportunities. The fact that Hyundai Capital rose from 7th place last season to 2nd place this season can be a good thing.

Kim Jun-woo is also not easy. Kim Jun-woo appeared in 24 games this season and recorded an attack success rate of 52.4% and a blocking success rate of 22.2%. The reason why he has more appearances is because Kim Jun-woo fills the middle blocker position, which was considered the team’s weakness. He fills the gaps in the team and does more than one person. As he consistently appears in the game, there is a high possibility that his skills will improve as he enters the second half.

Right now, he is behind in the competition, but Shin Ho-jin (22, OK Financial Group), the first outside heater in the first round, also has potential. Shin Shin-jin played a good game with a confident appearance at the beginning of the season, but recently suffered psychological difficulties due to the pressure of the professional stage and was excluded from the entry in early January. However, he is expected to receive a chance by rejoining the roster recently.

In the women’s division, Yeom Er-Hung (Pepper Savings Bank), the first-choice middle blocker in the first round, left early due to an injury. The Rookie of the Year to occupy this position is likely to come from Daejeon. This is because Libero Choi Hyo-seo (19) and setter Park Eun-ji (19, KGC Ginseng Corporation) have emerged as strong candidates for the Rookie of the Year. The two players received the 6th (Choi Hyo-seo) and 4th (Park Eun-ji) nominations in the 2nd round, respectively.

Choi Hyo-seo is aiming for the rookie of the year with her first women’s libero. In the men’s division, Oh Jae-seong (Woori Card) in the 2014-2015 season became the first Libero Rookie of the Year among men and women, but there is no precedent in the women’s division. Choi Hyo-seo has played in 17 games this season, recording her dig success rate of 81.3% and receiving success rate of 39.8%. Her star rating is also great, as she ranked first as a libero (56,493 votes) in this season’s All-Star Game fan voting. 슬롯사이트

Park Eun-ji has appeared in 20 games this season and recorded a set success rate of 35.2%. At the beginning of the season, she left a strong impression, with the proportion of appearances similar to that of Yeom Hye-seon, the national team setter. Although her playing time gradually decreased as the league competition became fiercer, it is evaluated that she has great potential for growth as she has a strong shot through the serve and is considered strong.

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